About Sebastien Courty

Art and Textile have been a fundamental part of human life since the beginning of civilization. These treasures and « savoir-faire » have to be preserved and challenged. After much analysis and reflection the modern approach of seeing these two elements is to combine them in a truthful and meaningful project.

Textile is the future. Textiles are expected to grow fast and become more essential in our everyday lives.  Creating « the fibers of tomorrow » and pushing textiles to the front of the art scene is something we should be ready for.

The purpose of Sebastien Courty’s work is in principal, an artistic approach. He aspires to create emotions and feelings through his designs. Refusing to differentiate ART, FASHION and INTERIOR DESIGN, he combines hand painting and screen-printing to create an abstract experience. Working on and using fabric as a main medium allows his to play with colors, volumes and surfaces in order to propose choice to his consumers. « I want to see my creations in as many forms as textiles allow themselves to be transformed into ».

Sebastien’s fabrics and prints can be reproduced in their unique way, and used as fashion textile, interior textile or simply pieces art.

A nuanced sense of creativity. He translate the ideas of ancient civilizations or the images of a « current living » into ambidextrous fabrics that, depending on one’s mood, could work well as a stretched canvas or turned into conceptual lighting.  « The conviction that my creations make sense through someone else’s eyes is always a delightful accomplishment. « 

Sebastien Courty worked in many countries, embellishing both private and business properties in London, Seoul, Naples, New York, Beijing, Stockholm, Paris and many other cities in France.

In addition to being a textile artiste he is a color consultant.

Between exhibitions, he work with companies that require his expertise. As curator for a specific space or simply as a personal advisor, Sebastien combine his knowledge and vision to create the desired atmosphere.