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Sebastien Courty

Art and Textile have been a fundamental part of human life since the beginning of civilisation. These treasures and « savoir-faire » constantly have to be reinvented and challenged. 

Fascinated by the diversity of craftsmanship and versatility that textile offers, Sebastien Courty’s work is in principle a decorative art approach. The play of texture, material and colour allows him to reinvent textile constantly by using traditional and ancient craft such as weaving, embroidery or batik.

For the collection “Totem - A Wall’s Jewellery” Courty tried to create a unique visual of the country, including both its cultural qualities and its commercial activities. He wants his work to open people to a different way of thinking. It is an invitation to travel and discover parts of the world one has yet to explore.

Each of his creations is unique. The artist’s concept opens possibilities to collaborate with architects, interior designers as well as private clients. Sebastien Courty worked is being collected all around the world, embellishing both private and business properties in the UK, France, the United States, South Korea, China or Sueden.